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Launcher's Key Features

Server Provisioning with Ubuntu 20.04

Docker Setup

SSH Key management

MySQL 8 management

Containerized deployments

PHP configuration and extensions per site

Redis instance per site

Digital Ocean integration

Hetzner Cloud integration

GitHub integration

Let's Encrypt support

Near-perfect .env file on first deployment

Automatic Nginx configuration

Cronjobs isolated from site

Daemons isolated from site

Custom deployment scripts

Customize Dockerfile

Editor for .env file

Nginx config editor

Nginx config validator

Secure Firewall configuration

Team management

Two-factor authentication

Automated security updates on VPS


Team activity log

Custom VPS support NEW

MeiliSearch instance per site NEW

WordPress installer NEW

Static sites NEW

Coming Soon

GitLab integration

Bitbucket integration

Zero-downtime deployments

MariaDB 10

PostgreSQL 13


Nginx redirects

Domain aliases

Custom SSL certificates

Custom Firewall rules

File backups

Server monitoring

Site monitoring

DNS monitoring

Support for more Cloud Providers

PHP OPcache

Site migrator


Server User management

Support for more operating systems

DNS patching

Artisan commands from the UI

Running custom scripts

Laravel Octane

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